Tell me about YOU!  - Senior Questionnaire

This questionnaire is so that I may get to know you a little better before we meet for your session.  It's all about being prepared prior to the session with a little bit of information about you, your personality, and what you would like from the session, which of course, is all about YOU!

Name *
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Date of Birth
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Your Parent's Name
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Your favorite kind of music is:
In your family, you're the: *
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If you could choose any location for your senior pictures, what would you choose? *
What do you consider your personality to be: *
When it comes to traveling, which best describes your preferences: *
For clothing, which do you prefer to wear: *
(For example: birth marks, moles, etc.)
C'mon, I know you have at least one!
Girls, are you interested in having your makeup done professionally for your shoot? *

P.S. - Send me a favorite photo OF YOURSELF, even if IT'S just A cell phone pic.  I love putting faces to names right away!